Rikki A. Hullinger, Ph.D.

Rikki A. Hullinger, Ph.D.

Dr. Hullinger has experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the U.S. and foreign countries, performing invention review and patentability assessments, and assisting with strategic patent portfolio management.  Dr. Hullinger specializes in technology areas including antibodies, biologics, immunoassays, gene therapy, plant and agricultural products, animal nutrition, enzymatic assays, biomedical devices, and diagnostic and treatment methods.

Professional Experience

Registered Patent Agent, Casimir Jones S.C., December 2018 to present
Registered Patent Agent, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, September 2018- December 2018
Patent Scientist, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, February 2016-September 2018
Graduate Researcher, UW-Madison, 2011-2016


University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D., Neuroscience, 2016
University of Michigan, B.S., Neuroscience, 2011


United States Patent and Trademark Office


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Hullinger R, Puglielli L. Molecular and cellular aspects of age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Behav Brain Res. (2017) 322:191-205.

Hullinger R, O’Riordan K, Burger C. Environmental enrichment improves learning and memory and long-term potentiation in young adult rats through a mechanism requiring mGluR5 signaling and sustained activation of p70s6k. Neurobiol Learn Mem. (2015) 125:126-34.

Hullinger R, Burger C. Learning impairments identified early in life are predictive of future impairments associated with aging. Behav Brain Res. (2015) 294:224-33.

Hullinger R, Ugalde J, Purón-Sierra L, Osting S, Burger C.  The MRI contrast agent gadoteridol enhances distribution of rAAV1 in the rat hippocampus.  Gene Ther. 2013 Dec;20(12):1172-7.